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Chapter 13: Disappearing, Reappearing Act

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After eating a quick lunch, I took a second look at the application Lillian sent to me and decided to fill it out for real. I started to wonder why the school charged a fifteen-dollar application fee considering how it was probably the only school of its kind in the area, but by the time I completed the application, it was too late. At least the person running the website was smart enough to encrypt my submission so that my money and personal information didn’t disappear into some kind of black hole. Continue reading “Chapter 13: Disappearing, Reappearing Act”

Chapter 12: Page 15 Girl

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The first thing I did after getting home and setting my umbrella aside to dry was sit down and send a text message to Mom and Dad to tell them I was okay. It was the fastest way to get in touch with them without interrupting their normal business flow. They probably wouldn’t have been mad if I called the bakery or the library directly, but their bosses definitely wouldn’t have appreciated it.

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Chapter 10: Study Session

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After Sol and Lydia left, it was back to painting for me. I figured that whatever money I missed out on by not selling my last painting to them could be made up for in a couple of days if I got back on it right away. Rather than paint or draw another witch, I thought I would go back to landscapes for a moment and paint a picture of Emerson Park, where Sol and I first met. This time, I wanted to challenge myself by painting the park at night, with all of the sidewalk lights on. Continue reading “Chapter 10: Study Session”

Chapter 9: Thorny Issue

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Of the many lessons I learned from Sybil and the other managers at Ada’s, always making yourself available to help others was at the top of the priority list. The other important lesson was to give the customers enough space to find what they were looking for and let them come to you if they had any questions. This guy, whoever he was, was clearly violating both of those rules. When I turned around, he was standing so close to me that I could almost see every individual hair on his mustache.

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Chapter 8: Nondescript

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I spent a little bit of time after dinner practicing and refining the few spells that I’d learned so that I had something to talk about when I visited the Blank Scroll. Sol’s notes had a couple more interesting tricks written on them, such as how to throw one’s voice or create artificial light sources. I had a little fun with the first one, which the notes referred to as “Echo”. So far, it was the only one that required me to talk directly to the wand.

I tried whispering innocuous-sounding messages like “Good night, guys” or “I’m in here” and watching as Mom and Dad checked the closets and drawers in confusion. Neither of them found it as amusing as I did, but at least I had a good idea of its potential uses other than playing pranks on people. I thought the other spell, “Glow”, would be useful as a night light, but it only seemed to work for me while I had the wand in my hands. A bit of a waste, really.

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Chapter 7: A Different Angle

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Once the steaks were ready, Dad called us to the dinner table to join hands in prayer. It was customary for us to pray silently when we were the only ones eating, and pray out loud whenever Grandpa Rupert, Grandma Shenelle, or Uncle Lamont and Aunt Monica came to visit. However, we hadn’t eaten dinner with anyone in our extended family since the last Dawn Festival, so Mom blessed the table on their behalf.

Mom prodded me to tell Dad about the woman in the blue cloak. She told me it was because they were interested in hearing about my work day, but I thought I was because they didn’t have anything interesting to say about their own work days this time. There was little I could tell Dad about Blue Cloak Lady other than her appearance and her unusual ability to defy the day’s weather report. Continue reading “Chapter 7: A Different Angle”

Chapter 6: The Curious Cobalt-Cloaked Customer

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Dinner came a little later than usual. Dad realized he forgot to defrost the steaks, so we ended up ordering a pepperoni-and-mushroom pizza from Rococo’s. I was surprised by how well the two toppings went together considering how much space the pepperoni took up.

I was eager to continue practicing with my new magic wand, but I couldn’t take it outside because the sun had just recently set. It looked like there was still enough energy left in it to cast a lot of the quick-fire spells written on Sol’s cheat sheet.

I took the tiny scrap of paper out of my pocket again to remind myself how to use the Lift spell. I tried casting it on a few random items in my room: my sneakers, my wastebasket, and the rug in front of my bed. All of them were pretty lightweight objects, so I could pick them up and set them down easily. I thought it would be just as easy to try to lift my bed, but it felt the same as trying to move it around by hand – very, very heavy. The front end got maybe two inches off the ground before landing with a muffled “thump”. It seemed that even with a device that could potentially lift anything I wanted, I was still limited by my own strength.

“Deanna? What are you doing in there?” Mom shouted. Continue reading “Chapter 6: The Curious Cobalt-Cloaked Customer”