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Chapter 17: Prep Time

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Getting out of the Atlas Gardens parking lot was easy, but I figured we’d need to visit a few more times until we got familiar with the layout to get in and out without any issues.

When I got back home, I gave Sol a quick phone call to let her and Lydia know we made it safely. I was too tired to talk about anything else, so I took some pain medicine and drank some water to try to soothe my headache. At least my stomach didn’t feel like it was on fire anymore. Continue reading “Chapter 17: Prep Time”

A sixth mirror

I’ve taken the Tumblr mirror off the front page and replaced it with a link to Through the Motions on Scribble Hub. It’ll be added to the update rotation on Friday when Chapter 17 goes live. I’m surprised by how quickly I was able to get the whole thing posted on the site. It was much easier than fiddling with Tumblr’s limited interface.

So for those of you who don’t follow Through the Motions on this site or the usual mirrors, now you’ve got one more reading option. Tell your friends!

Wiki walkin’

I’ve been thinking of creating a wiki for this story for a while, but didn’t start seriously considering my options until just before I published Chapter 15 and reached the 50,000-word mark.

My first choice was actually Wikidot, because it looked relatively simple and I wanted to try something that was different from MediaWiki (the software used by Wikipedia and every wiki on the Fandom/Wikia network). Everything went well for a few tries until I realized that some of the pages I created weren’t showing up in my wiki’s search results. That was a big deal-breaker, so I wound up going to Fandom after all despite my issues with the ads plastered on every page, and the fact that pages can’t be edited on mobile devices. However, my familiarity with MediaWiki syntax (sort of; I haven’t edited any Wikipedia pages in over a decade) and the huge potential viewer and user base made it a natural fit.

I already started by adding some basic pages, but there’s still a long way to go before any of the information is up to date with the story (now at 16 chapters, but the wiki only covers some elements from the first two). If you want to help out, head on over to the wiki, sign up for an account there, and edit or create some pages. It’s that easy!

Chapter 16: A Toast

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Now that I had a full complement of supplies again, I could continue my painting. My new Ashlynn CD was probably the least fitting music I could listen to while painting a creepy hooded ghost. It didn’t really matter, though, because it got me in the mood to paint again, and it was the only CD I had that wasn’t borrowed from my parents’ collection. Now I wanted to paint a DJ whose music emitted colorful magic waves, or someone listening to music with giant headphones that did the same thing.

Even with my best efforts, I couldn’t finish the whole painting, even after sleeping and eating breakfast. The hooded ghost’s body was complete, but I still needed to work on the background and special effects. All that would have to wait until after I visited Sol and Lydia. Continue reading “Chapter 16: A Toast”

Chapter 15: We Shall Come Bearing Gifts

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After sitting down and eating most of the pancakes Dad cooked for us, I found myself back at my sketchbook drawing pictures of the figures I saw in my dream. Trying to talk about it directly to them didn’t do me any good because I still couldn’t figure out what it meant, or even if it was supposed to mean anything at all. At least now I had another way to visualize those dream creatures so that they wouldn’t be stuck in the back of my head all day.

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Chapter 14: What Lies Ahead?

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That afternoon before I had to go to work, I received an email from the Silverthorne School telling me that they received my application, and that I was scheduled to visit the campus next Thursday at nine o’clock in the morning. The closest bus stop was on the intersection of Lord Avenue and King Boulevard, followed by a five-minute walk just to get to the building. I didn’t understand why there wasn’t a bus route that led directly to it like most schools did.

Continue reading “Chapter 14: What Lies Ahead?”

Chapter 13: Disappearing, Reappearing Act

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After eating a quick lunch, I took a second look at the application Lillian sent to me and decided to fill it out for real. I started to wonder why the school charged a fifteen-dollar application fee considering how it was probably the only school of its kind in the area, but by the time I completed the application, it was too late. At least the person running the website was smart enough to encrypt my submission so that my money and personal information didn’t disappear into some kind of black hole.

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Chapter 12: Page 15 Girl

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The first thing I did after getting home and setting my umbrella aside to dry was sit down and send a text message to Mom and Dad to tell them I was okay. It was the fastest way to get in touch with them without interrupting their normal business flow. They probably wouldn’t have been mad if I called the bakery or the library directly, but their bosses definitely wouldn’t have appreciated it.

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Chapter 10: Study Session

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After Sol and Lydia left, it was back to painting for me. I figured that whatever money I missed out on by not selling my last painting to them could be made up for in a couple of days if I got back on it right away. Rather than paint or draw another witch, I thought I would go back to landscapes for a moment and paint a picture of Emerson Park, where Sol and I first met. This time, I wanted to challenge myself by painting the park at night, with all of the sidewalk lights on. Continue reading “Chapter 10: Study Session”