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Chapter 24: Day One Addition

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After I got home from hanging out with Sol and her friends, I settled back into my routine of eating lunch and dinner and trying to think of ideas for my next painting. Since I hadn’t done any cityscapes for a while and I was only a few days away from my first day of magic school, I thought it would be a good idea to challenge myself and paint the exterior of the Silverthorne School building. I had to start my sketches from memory because I didn’t think to take any reference photos when I went to apply. The painting would take me longer to finish due to my new schedule, but it could potentially sell for a lot more money than my normal paintings if someone was interested enough in it. Continue reading “Chapter 24: Day One Addition”

Chapter 23: Playing the Field

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With only a couple of days left to go before the start of the summer school session, I did everything I could to make sure I was ready for Silverthorne. Each day when I wasn’t at work, I did some light exercises – ten push-ups, ten sit-ups, and ten squats, followed by squeezing a soft stress ball in both my hands to test my reflexes. I would have done a few more jogs around Emerson Park, but it rained on Thursday and I had a long day shift at Ada’s on Friday. Continue reading “Chapter 23: Playing the Field”

Chapter 22: Let’s Get (a) Physical

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The last days of spring were a bit of a head trip for me. I couldn’t believe that I was about to go back to school. Sure, it was for something totally unrelated to actual academics, but I still found myself thinking about book study routines, seating arrangements, class schedules, and whose notes to copy to get the best chance to pass. I didn’t have time to stick around the Silverthorne building to see who else might have been in my class block. Would I see that Eli guy again? Or any of those boys in the olive jackets? Continue reading “Chapter 22: Let’s Get (a) Physical”

Happy holidays!

Hey, y’all! I hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or maybe all at once?)

While I am taking a much-needed break from writing Through the Motions, that’s not to say I’ve been completely resting on my laurels. I’ve been trying out different kinds of story-plotting programs and websites to keep track of all of the characters, places and events from Volume 1, and help fill in details that I couldn’t completely fit into the actual story. The ones I’ve found the most useful so far are Campfire Pro, Novel Factory, and Notebook.ai. The latter two are subscription services, so I’m going to have to drop at least one of them once my free trials expire.

I also updated the Contact page with a long-overdue TTM-specific email account (it’s ttmserial(at)gmail(dot)com, if you’re curious). I do welcome questions about fan submissions; I hadn’t thought of creating a separate email account to monitor them. This also comes with some edits to the Q&A page explaining the licensing terms for what you can and can’t do with TTM-related content. It’s pretty simple – you can make any kind of derivative work you want, as long as you acknowledge me as the sole creator (and link back to this blog, if you can). If you do post something cool, let me know about it!

I’m still looking at a late January 2020 release window for the first chapter of Volume 2 (maybe earlier, if I can manage), so if you haven’t read any of Volume 1 yet, now’s a perfect time to get started so you can catch up on Deanna, Marisol, and their family and friends’ daily adventures!

Chapter 21: Signing On

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While Vanessa stayed in the practice room to clean up my mess for the next applicant, I slipped into the lounge to relay the good news to Sol. I was so excited to have passed the exam that I didn’t care about what was in the vending machine.

“Hi, Deanna,” she said. I could hear a vacuum cleaner running in the background on her side. “I’m a little busy right now. Can you call back later?”

“Aww… I wanted to tell you about my tryout,” I said. Continue reading “Chapter 21: Signing On”

Chapter 20: Showing Off for the Judges

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Indeed, it was Dustin and his mustache sitting at the teacher’s desk, playing to an audience of one – me.

“Surprised to see me?” he asked. The way he kicked his feet out, I thought he was going to put them on the desk and make himself at home. Even if he was friends with Lillian, I didn’t think she’d be happy with him doing that, especially on what was supposed to be an important day for her school. Continue reading “Chapter 20: Showing Off for the Judges”

Chapter 19: Try-Out Thursday

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In hindsight, I felt like I should have waited until Dad finished his shift before telling him about the broken window. He was angry even after I told him the details of the incident when he got home, and it didn’t look like he was going to calm down anytime soon. “Didi, I think you should stay home tomorrow,” he said.

“I can’t do that! My exam is tomorrow morning,” I protested. Continue reading “Chapter 19: Try-Out Thursday”

Chapter 18: Crash Course

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Following Sol’s advice, I set aside the two books I borrowed from the library so I could focus on spending the next couple of days refining and testing the limits of every spell I knew. Learning how to properly control objects in mid-air and set them down without being too noisy or making a mess, figuring out which surfaces and objects produced the best sound with “Echo”, and finding the right light levels to use “Glow” without blinding myself felt as thorough a workout as a trip to the gym. Continue reading “Chapter 18: Crash Course”

Chapter 17: Prep Time

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Getting out of the Atlas Gardens parking lot was easy, but I figured we’d need to visit a few more times until we got familiar with the layout to get in and out without any issues.

When I got back home, I gave Sol a quick phone call to let her and Lydia know we made it safely. I was too tired to talk about anything else, so I took some pain medicine and drank some water to try to soothe my headache. At least my stomach didn’t feel like it was on fire anymore. Continue reading “Chapter 17: Prep Time”

A sixth mirror

I’ve taken the Tumblr mirror off the front page and replaced it with a link to Through the Motions on Scribble Hub. It’ll be added to the update rotation on Friday when Chapter 17 goes live. I’m surprised by how quickly I was able to get the whole thing posted on the site. It was much easier than fiddling with Tumblr’s limited interface.

So for those of you who don’t follow Through the Motions on this site or the usual mirrors, now you’ve got one more reading option. Tell your friends!